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Velcra - Consequences of Disobedience

Wednesday 17 Mar 2010 20:12

Consequences of Disobedience

Score: 9.5/10

Of all the albums I've purchased over the last few years this has to be my favourite and never leaves my MP3 player. Velcra are a female fronted Finnish metal band who have released 3 studio albums, all of which sound very different. Consequences of Disobedience was an all out heavy metal album with electronic influences but their sound has slowly morphed over the years into a more mellow electronic / industrial sound.

I defy anyone not to like this album! It is heavy enough to satisy the most hardened metal fan, yet so full of electronic noises and infuriatingly catchy choruses. The female vocalist Jessi Fray delivers powerful vocal melodies, often distorted, in a shouty rhymmic rap style, which sounds like it really shouldn't work... but it does and really kicks ass! Add to that the wall of sound comprising extremely up front overdriven guitars a thumping bass and a myriad of incidental electronic sequences flying between your speakers. This is far from aimless noise, as each song sounds like a well crafted pop song on steriods.

So, if your a metal fan reading this review I'm guessing there are a few things that might put you off! Female vocals, rapping, politically influenced lyrics, well crafted pop songs etc. Just take my word for it. If heavy metal was pop music then Velcra would be the new Abba. For me it's the sweet/sour mixture of distorted guitars and the female harmonies that make this work.

It is difficult to pick stand out tracks on this album as I could pick any tracks and be happy with my selection. If pushed I would say 'Shine For Me', 'Big Brother' and 'Solar Red' are probably my favourites. The later being the only song which has it's quieter girly moments, before blowing your head off with a sonic barrage of guitars as it hits the chorus.

As mentioned previously, subsequent albums have changed somewhat, and whilst retaining some of their heavier moments, most recent works tend to be more electronic / industrial sounding. Check out the tracks 'Quick and Dirty' and 'White Knuckle Mountains' to hear their current sound. As you will see, Velcra have a very unique amd interesting sound.

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