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Indelible Scars - Burn / Turn From Religion EP.

Monday 24 Jan 2011 20:55

This is the first in a series of reviews of unsigned bands. If you are a fan of Industrial Electronic music then you should check out this band and my iTunes links.

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Indelible Scars - Burn / Turn From Religion EP.

Monday 24 Jan 2011 20:51

If you've checked out any of my music reviews you will realise that I am not a fan of modern pop music. I love music, all kinds of music, but I like music to be a little different, original, and somewhat darker than most. Don't confuse 'dark' with loud and depressing, I like to think of it as moody and atmospheric.


I spend many a long hour searching the net in the hope of discovering something new and exciting to tickle my whiskers! As I've grown older my tastes have changed somewhat. As a spotty teenager I fell in love with the electronic bands of the early 80's, learned to love indie rock during the rebelious 90's, and more recently industrial / gothic metal (an aquired taste I admit).


However, I've never quite shook off those pesky teenage spots or my love for electronic music. It is so rare to find a band that has that modern edge, combined with what made me fall in love with the genre many moons ago. So I'm going to give a brief review of an unsigned artist that I think might appeal to anyone like me looking for something left of center.


Indelible Scars - Burn / Turn from Religion


This EP features two really great tracks that should appeal to fans of Depeche Mode, VNV Nation or OMD.


Burn is a pretty uptempo anthemic song with a slightly industrial edge. The track starts with an array of almost sinister vocal growls reminiscent of David Draiman of Disturbed fame, but there the comparison ends. The heart and soul of this track is the heavy driven synth bass, a cutting drum line and an anthemic trance-style strings melody which gives the track a very contemporary feel. Burn is laiden with squeeky arpegiated squeeks and pops which really add to the ambience of the song. The male lead vocal reminds me a little of Andy McCluskey (OMD), whilst not the most gifted vocally, the quirky nature and vocal tone really works well with the style of music. Anyone who was a fan of Joy Division or Bauhaus will understand what I'm talking about here! Burn has a strong and catchy chorus tempered with distorted female vocals. A great mix of dark and light that should have universal appeal.


Turn from Religion is the second track on this EP, and probably my favourite of the two. Gone is the uptempo driven drums and bass line of Burn, replaced by slow atmospheric strings, haunting choirs, piano and a truly heart wrenching lyric. This song will almost certainly strike a chord with all those who have loved and lost. And just as you've been pulled in the song steps up a gear and turns into a big epic electronic vocal ballad very reminicent of VNV Nation. The female 'warblings' on the closing section of this song are simply stunning, and for me the song really hits a nerve, defintely one for my MP3 player.


Here is the iTunes link to the Indelible Scars EP.


Tags: Indelible Scars Burn Turn From Religion Unsigned Band


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