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Nanovision Mimo UM-720S Monitor Review

Friday 19 Mar 2010 16:38

Anyone looking for a small portable touch screen LCD monitor should read my review on the Mimo UM-720S. This is the monitor I use in my Glimmer demonstration video, and comes highly recommended.

Click here for the review.

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Nanovision Mimo UM-720S Monitor

Friday 19 Mar 2010 16:10

I purchased the Mimo UM-720S specifically for my Glimmer music player project. After reviewing various other monitors there was one thing that put this little chappy ahead of the competition, no mains cable! That's right, only a single cable delivering power, video and touch screen.

The monitor itself has a foldable design which makes it extremely portable, and in it's folded state the base acts as a screen protector meaning you don't have to worry about damaging the surface of the screen. A single detachable micro USB cable connects the 7" display to your PC, connecting at the rear of the device close to the pivot point allowing you to rotate the display from landscape to portrait. Portrait mode is supported by the supplied software, which is great for working with word processors etc. The USB cord also has two connectors, just in case your computer doesn't meet the minimum power requirements, in which case it draws it's power from 2 USB sockets. In practice I've never needed to use both connections.

The display has a native resolution of 800x480, which is about the resolution of a typical netbook computer. The Mimo drivers are compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, 32 and 64bit, and works well in a multi-monitor setup. Mimo monitors are DisplayLink certified meaning you can add several of these monitors to your system without problems.

The monitor has a contrast ratio of 400:1 and a very reasonable 300cd/m2 brightness. It certainly doesn't look lacking compared to my high end desktop monitor, so no complaints there. The touch screen is also quite responsive for a resistive screen, and relatively accurate once calibrated with the supplied software. My software runs at a framerate of 40fps, which the Mimo handles without any perceivable lag or bluring. Video playback also works very well as you can see in my Glimmer demonstration video. I did have my concerns about USB bandwidth and wether a lower specification PC would be able to cope with the demands of video over USB. The reality is that it seems to work flawlessly.

The only negative was in the way it handled power saving mode, in particular using 64bit Windows 7 on the Acer Aspire Revo. For some reason the monitor doesn't always resume as it should after exiting power saving mode. This might be an issue with the Revo itself and not the monitor as I've not seen the same problem whilst connected to my desktop.

If you are looking for reviews of this monitor, and have already read the CNET review, then don't worry, the monitor isn't half as bad as they make out. I've had absolutely no problem with the touch screen not working, and I've not experienced any flickering either. Maybe they had a faulty monitor! Granted, the touch screen simply emulates a PS2 mouse, but it works perfectly well.

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